Prague is the Capital city of the Czech Republic and sits in the middle of Europe. It serves as a dynamic center of business, culture, and government for the country. It boasts 1.2 million people and almost half a million foreigners all living in this jewel of central Europe. It has all the makings of a modern city serving as a HUB for many fortune 500 companies (Google, Amazon, Exxon, etc…) and also retains its charm as a historical European city that has seen history grow and change the world all around it. 

Due to the historical backlash of communist control, the Czech Republic was not able to join the rest of western Europe in its economic pursuits until 1989 putting it at a bit of a disadvantage economically when compared to its German and French neighbors. However, this serves as a major advantage to migrant workers wishing to teach English as many of these companies and government entities would like society to catch up with the west linguistically. Henceforth, the availability of English teaching jobs is in abundance with very few requirements beyond a TEFL certificate.

Foreigner-friendly Atmosphere

The city of Prague is also very progressive with a foreigner-friendly government. There are many Expat groups, bars, and restaurants where you can go, relax, and relive some of the comforts of home (no matter where that is). English speaking communities also serve as a networking group to help immerse yourself further into the Czech job market whether you are looking for a new opportunity as a worker, or if you have a business and are looking for clientele. The expat market is very loyal to itself and is always willing to lend a hand to a fellow entrepreneur or inform you of a position in their company that needs to be filled.

Stress-free Market with High Employment

Lastly, the Czech Republic is a fresh breath of air if you are fed up with the current state of job hunting in your country. In the USA we call this the “Rat Race”. There is no sense of stress when it comes to job hunting and finding. It is a much more relaxed market that seeks to be less competitive between workers and more contingent to the well-being of the individual. The Czech Republic boasts one of the highest employment rates in the country and as an English speaker, there will always be work available for you. Czechs take their holidays very seriously and expect you to do the same. Working on weekends is essentially nonexistent and Fridays are considered half-days to the culture. With employment contracts, companies are required to give their employees 20 paid days off minimum per year. Companies also come with lots of benefits such as access to various gyms, stores, food markets and spas. This creates a happy healthy working environment that can either give you time off to travel and explore Europe OR stretch your innovative muscles and work on personal projects!

Europe´s Crossroads

Prague is referred to as Europe’s crossroads where east meets west. To the teacher and worldly traveler, this creates the perfect elixir of culture, economy, and lifestyle that breed happiness, wonder, and prosperity.