You can take our TEFL course in the following ways:

  • onsite TEFL in Prague (1,550 USD):intense 4 F2F weeks
  • blended TEFL (950 USD): online self-study of theory and subsequent practical part of TEFL in Prague
  • online TEFL (550 USD).


All of our TEFL courses, even the online course, include both a theoretical and practical component with in-depth feedback to give you real insight into teaching English as a foreign language. 

The theoretical part of the combined and online courses is based on self-study of the materials we provide. The practical part of the combined course takes place in Prague, the practical part of the online course takes place online.

Onsite TEFL

$ 1,550

Oct 16 – Nov 10
Nov 20– Dec 15
Jan 29 – Feb 23
May 20 – June 14
Aug 26 – Sept 20
Nov 4 – Nov 30

Blended TEFL

$ 950

Oct 30 – Nov 3
Nov 20 – Nov 24
Jan 7 – Jan 11
Jan 22 – Jan 26
Feb 5 – Feb 9
March 11 – March 15

Extra Services

price upon request

1. transfer from the Prague airport
2. visa services for Prague
3. housing during and after course in Prague
4. public transportation pass for the duration of the course
5. social events (quiz nights, etc.)
6. trips around Czechia (Karlštejn, Český Krumlov, Czech Paradise, etc.)

Our Specials

$100 off*

1+1 Special
Bring in a friend and receive $100 off each person´s course fee!
Early-Bird Special
Sign up twelve months in advance and get $100 off your course fee!
Expat Special
Are you an expat living in Prague? Get $100 off your course fee!

* Our specials are valid for onsite courses in Prague only.

Other terms & conditions: 

For organizational reasons, you can change the date 1 month in advance for onsite and 2 weeks in advance for blended courses. In case of late cancellation, arranging another date for an additional fee of 250USD will be possible.