Why invest in TEFL qualification?

The demand for TEFL qualified English teachers is high worldwide because having a TEFL certificate is a guarantee that you have all the skills needed to start teaching English as a foreign language. After completing this 120-hour TESOL/TEFL course in Prague or online, you will be able to explain all kinds of grammatical areas and create engaging English lessons on many different topics. You will understand both the skills needed to deliver effective lessons and the content that goes into the lessons. You will also learn how to work in the ESL field abroad (online TEFL) or in Prague and how to apply for a long-term visa to work in Prague (onsite & blended TEFL).

Onsite, Blended & Online TEFL

Why take this TEFL course?


This 120-hour TEFL course has been designed by experienced English teachers to give you all the skills you need to start your career as an English teacher with confidence. It has undergone a rigorous accreditation process and meets international TEFL standards. You can take the whole TEFL course in Prague (onsite TEFL) or you can start studying online and come to Prague only for the practical part (blended TEFL). We also offer the opportunity to complete the TEFL course online including online teaching practice (online TEFL). 

Onsite TEFL course in Prague

TEFL course in Prague with a highly individualized hands-on approach

TEFL PRO Prague offers TEFL courses in the center of Prague with a highly individual and practical approach. Your professional development will be continually assessed and you will receive thorough feedback on your teaching and other skills. This TEFL course will give you a real insight into the field of teaching English as a foreign language.

Assistance before the course

Before you enroll in our TEFL course, we will advise you on the steps you should take before arriving in Europe to ensure a smooth transition to Prague. We can also help you arrange accommodation during the course. Contact us for current offers.

Visa & housing assistance

To teach English in Prague, you must apply for a visa and a trade license. On the first day of our TEFL course, we offer a free session with our visa expert who will answer all your questions about visas, work permits, trade licenses, accommodation after the course etc.

Lifelong job assistance

Our trainers will establish close contact with you and stay in touch with you after the course to further assist you in your career. Successful graduates will be employed with our partner language schools straight after the course.

Blended TEFL Course

You can start studying the theoretical part online and come to Prague for the practical part (lesson planning and lesson observation with feedback). We can help you with all the above (accommodation, visa and lifelong job assistance). After successfully completing the course you can start working for our partner language schools in Prague.

What our graduates say about our TEFL course in Prague:

Online TEFL Course

You can also take our TEFL course online. You will first self-study the modules online and after successfully completing them and the final test, you will do lesson planning and online teaching practice and receive thorough feedback. 

How to get a TEFL certificate?



Enroll in the course

To enroll in our course, you will need to fill out an application form, complete an assignment, and pay the course fee.




Do the course

The onsite TEFL course runs from Monday to Friday usually from 9am to 5pm including breaks. Attendance at all seminars and practicums is required. In the blended TEFL course you can study the online part for one-three months at your own pace. The practical part takes place for one week in Prague.  If you prefer the online version of the course, you will study the modules at your own pace and complete your observed teaching practice online on the agreed dates. 




Pass the tests

To make sure you really understand the principles and techniques of TEFL, you will take a written test after each module. At the end of the TEFL course, there will be an overall test.



Get your certificate

You will receive your certificate 1-2 weeks after completing the course. The certificate will include your name, date of completion, unique certificate identification number and details of modules and assessments completed.

What will you be studying on our TEFL course?

An English teacher should have a good understanding of the language itself and the many ways to teach it. Here is a brief overview of the areas you will be learning about, among others.

Module 1 (Introduction)

Introduction to course

Introduction to English as a foreign language

Introduction to TEFL methodology

Life of an English teacher in Prague

Module 2 (Language Awareness)

Terminology, word classes X sentence elements


Modals & conditionals

Miscellaneous grammar

Module 3 (Methodology Awareness)

Teaching low vs.advanced levels

How to teach speaking, writing, listening, reading

How to teach grammar

How to teach vocabulary & pronunciation

Module 4 (Classroom Management)

Teaching individuals vs.groups (pair work, group work)

Giving Instructions, board work and drilling, CCQs – case studies

Mistakes & correction

Use of the mother tongue, eliciting

Module 5 (Online Teaching)

Online teaching techniques & equipment

Online demo lessons with analysis

Online teaching practice


Module 6 (Lesson Preparation)

Lesson planning preparation

Using coursebooks & other materials for lesson planning

Activities for teaching without materials

Lesson Planning Consultation

Module 7 (Teaching Practice)

Onsite teaching practice (6x60min)

Online teaching practice (4x60min)

Feedback & assessment

Useful tips for improvement

Module 8 (Extras)

Czech lessons (Unknown Foreign Language)

UFL lesson analyses


Continuous assessment

Can I apply for this TEFL course in Prague?

Age & Motivation

The course is open to anyone over 18 years of age, fluent in English (native speaker level) and interested in becoming an English language teacher. The course is intensive, so you should be motivated to study hard and complete all assignments.


There are no specific educational requirements for applicants for the TEFL course, although a university qualification is an advantage for gaining employment after the completion of the course.

Contact us via Skype or send us a message on Watsapp to arrange an online session where we will be happy to answer all your questions.