Tips for English Teachers

Teaching English is rewarding, but not as easy as it seems. If you want to be the best English teacher you can be, don’t miss this article and read the most useful tips for English teachers.

tips for English teachers
1. Know Your Stuff
Great English teachers know the English language system inside out. They also know the different methodological approaches that contribute to the diversity of teaching. If you have little or no experience teaching English as a foreign language, consider taking a TEFL course. Make sure the course covers all the necessary skills and offers teaching practice with feedback, because learning the theory is one thing, but putting it into practice is another. Observed teaching practice will help you get everything right and become a professional English teacher. Although this is one of the most important tips for English teachers, it is not enough, so check out the following tips as well.
2. Be Prepared

No matter how experienced an English teacher you are, always prepare a lesson plan so that you have something to build on and know exactly what will be covered in the lesson.


3. Create a Positive Classroom Atmosphere

Creating a positive atmosphere in the classroom can take many forms, from decorating the classroom to praising students. Try to make your learners feel at ease in the classroom to encourage their desire to learn.


4. Correct Mistakes & Show Progress

Correcting errors is an essential part of teaching English, but of course it must be done tactfully so as not to discourage learners’ desire to learn. Equally important is testing to show learners how much progress they have made.


5. Be Professional

If you want to earn and maintain the respect of your students, always be prepared, dress appropriately, arrive on time and try to establish a good rapport.


6. Put yourself in your students’ shoes

Learning a foreign language is not easy and the best way to understand students is to try to learn it yourself. It’s also a great way to find out which activities work well and which don’t. It will allow you to get an idea of the kind of teacher you would like to be.


7. Enjoy Teaching

As with other professions, it becomes apparent whether you enjoy your work or not. Spice up your lessons and motivate your students to learn. You will feel a huge reward when you see happy faces around you!

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