A day in the life of an English teacher in Prague

Working as an English teacher in Prague can take several forms, so your daily routine will depend on who you work for and how much you want to work.

Teaching English for Language Schools

If you work as a freelance English teacher for one or more language schools, which is the most common way to start your teaching career in Prague, your schedule will be more flexible than if you teach English for a state-owned school. You will teach English in companies and public courses provided by language schools. There are all kinds of public courses, from intensive year-round courses that usually take place in the morning, to afternoon and evening courses for teenagers and adult learners. Over time, most teachers will also find private students to fill in the gaps in their schedules. Many courses went online during Covid, so you can cut down on traveling around Prague by teaching from home. However, some courses are still held on-site, so you can experience both.

Teaching English in Kindergarten or High School

On the other hand, as a kindergarten or high school teacher, you’ll only work face-to-face, and most likely from 8:00 or 9:00 am to 3:00 or 4:00 pm every day Monday through Friday, depending on the school. The advantage is a fixed daily schedule and a more stable income, but the less flexibility may put some teachers off.

The Best Teaching Job

Most teachers in Prague first start out teaching English for one or more language schools, and when they feel like getting a more permanent job, they try working for a state school for a year to gain experience of more stable employment. Some of them are more satisfied with this, but some teachers return to less stable but more flexible teaching and add other work related to their field, such as proofreading or content writing, and so forth.

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